Jan 10, 2011

numero 1

 broguesSteveMadden socks&sweaterTarget bluewayfarersRayban purseKorea
hola amigos!
I couldn't resist posting some early photos...
and apparently Marc Jacobs in the vein of Juergen von Teller was on my mind this morning... inspiration comes in the subtlest ways. 
So ta for now and more pictures tomorrow! (I'll try to post daily.)


Hello Hello Hello!
Some of you may have found my other, uh, slightly cobwebbed blog, a dreamy haze, but it is lovely to see new faces-more like any faces.  You see, this blog has been a thought swirling around in my mind for a while.  What I've noticed is an abundance of styles and dress in different blogs, but a lack of uniforms.  I've attended the same private school for about 12 years, and all those years I've pretty much lived in my school's dress code of uniforms.  This blog is a personal sartorial challenge and exercise, as well as a possible fuente de inspiracion for others.  I will try in earnest to do my best in maintaining this here blog, and will appreciate all the help/support I receive.